VIDEO: Bolt 9″98 on 100m at Ostrava Golden Spike 2016

Usain BoltOstrava Golden Spike gave soon great satisfactions to the young athletes competing; in fact, already two young World Records have been established during the first hour of the event.

The first athletes on the tracks were the hurdlers on 400hs, the winner was the South African LJ Van Zyl in 48″67, his best time of the season. Second place for Jhonny Dutch in 48″01 and third for Patryk Dobek in 49″51. Joanna Linkiewicz won among the women in 55″40, second place for Kaliese Spencer in 55″43 and third for the World Champion Zuzana Hejnova in 55″69.

Unlucky high jump for Ashton Eaton who, after two jumps, was forced to stop for a pain, postponed the challenge with Usain Bolt. The Paralympic Markus Rehm was the only one able to surpass 8m, reaching 8.13m; the winner of the competition is Radek Juska with 7.92m.

Renaud Lavillenie won the golden medal in the pole vault but he did not succeed in setting the new Event Record, stopping at 5.83m; 5.70m and second place for his rival Shawn BarberJirina Ptacnikova won the competition with 4.60m, same result obtained by Yarisley Silva who achieved the second place.

The most awaited event were, for sure, the 100m with the ultra-Olympic Champion Usain Bolt on the starting blocks; not a perfect starting, but in the middle of the finishing stretch he took over the first position and reached the finishing line in 9″98, first sub10″ of the season.

Konrad Bukowiecki won the shot putting with 21.01m, setting the new WR U20 and beating the London World Champion Tomasz Majewski (20.84m).

No athlete managed to go below 20″ on 200m; the winner is James Ellington in 20″35 with only a cent of difference from the second place, Likourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas. Loop for the women: Christine Day, forth position at Beijing 2015, won among the women in 51″09, followed by Carline Muir in 51″84.


In the photo: Yeman Crippa (Michele Fortunato/

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