WADA removes Israel from the non-compliant countries list

Bandiera IsraeleIn November WADA drew up a list of ”non compliant” nations, thus not compliant to the antidoping code and which will have time until the 18th of March to regularize themselves if they want to avoid the ban.

Said nations are Argentina, Andorra, Israel, Bolivia and Ukraine; Israel e Andorra are deemed to be non adequate because their anti doping rules are insufficient.

A few fays ago the WADA Council members met and voted for the removal of Israel from the list.

Therefore, there are still 4 more countries at risk apart from Brasil, Belgium, France, Greece, Mexico and Spain which are in the “watch list” and will have time until the 18th of March as well to make efficient their antidoping agencies; if they will not, they will end ip in the non adequate list.

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