DOPING: 1405 tests carried out during Beijing World Championships

dopingBeijing’s World Championships took place during a dark period for the world athletics, plagued by the doping scandals. IAAF decided to activate a mighty anti-coping strategy, the biggest ever realized in the world sport since the one used two years ago in Moscow.

1405 different controls were carried out, divided in:

  • 662 blood analyses, necessary for the check out of the athlete’s biological passport, were done in the hotels before the competitions.
  • 161 blood exams to detect growth hormones and stimulants
  • 54 urinalysis carried out out of the competitions
  • 528 urinalysis carried out within the stadium, 239 of them will be analysed only for EPO and similar substances.

The samples will be frozen in order to be analysed once more in the future when science and technology will improve.

During World Championships two athletes failed the dope test, Joyce Zakari and Koki Manunga, both of them from Kenya.


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