Russia introduces the crime of doping inciting

DopingThe doping scandal that hit Russia in the last period and that led to the country’s exclusion from the competitions resulted into the government improving its anti-doping laws, in order to be allowed into competitions again.

A few days ago a draft law which introduces the crime of incitement to doping and to illegal substances administration; who will go against the law will be punished with jail.

Two sanctions are foreseen: if a sport doctor or a coach was to be found out inciting an underage athlete to use doping or forcing an athlete to assume forbidden substances they might risk up to one year in jail and three years suspension from the activity.

In the case that the doping substances assumed by athlete should cause him physical problems or if they should kill him, the punishment would increase to 3 years of jail and 5 years ban.

This reform will not stop doping in Russia, but the risk of going to jail and to be prevented from training may be a useful deterrent for those who want to introduce athletes to these illicit and risky practices.

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