VIDEO: Usain Bolt throws javelin after the relay in Rio 2016 and marks 56m

video-boltUsain Bolt closed his olympic career winning is ninth title in a row concluding his third triple gold at Olympics in Rio 2016. For ten years he proved to be the greatest sprinter of the planet.

Competitions endend, after the anti doping control, the Jamaican decided to stay inside the stadium and entertain with an unusual show the volunteers that were still working.

He didn’t run 100m again, but decided to try a new event: javelin.

Someone measured the throw, that appears to be 56m long. Not bad for a sprinter! Who could have imagined that the multi world record holder could be a champion even in a throwing event.

Below you can watch the video:

Il est 1 heure 40 du matin. Je suis en train de travailler à ma position commentateur au stade olympique. Plus tôt dans la soirée, Usain Bolt est entré dans l'histoire en réussissant le 1er triple / triplé du sprint aux JO. Les lumières sont éteintes. Je travaille à la lumière de ma lampe de bureau. J'entends du bruit. Des gens applaudissent en rythme. Je lève la tête et là…

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