Yulia Stepanova can participate to European Championships as indipendent athlete

Yulia StepanovaAfter the ban of Russia from competitions and, therefore, from Rio Olympic Games, many athletes asked IAAF to take part to Olympic Games as independent athletes; in fact, almost 80 athletes wrote to the World Federation asking to be separated by the Russian flag.

The first case analysed by IAAF Doping Review Board is the 800m runner’s, Yulia Stepanovaone, well-know as the athlete who denounced doping in Russia.

The World Federation, in fact, recognised the great contribute Stepanova gave to the protection and promotion of the “clean” sport; nevertheless, the IAAF blessing does not guarantee her to participate to Olympic Games, since the final decision will be taken by CIO.

Anyway, we could see her on the track of Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam during the European Championships during which she will take part under the European Flag.

Athletes able to ask to participate to International competitions are the ones who for a certain period trained or lived in countries where the anti doping system is working well thus they can ensure their own integrity.

Photo Erik van Leeuwen

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