VIDEO: Justin Gatlin runs 100m in 9”45 with +8.9 wind

gatlinIf you want to enter the Guinness World record in any kind of category, you just need to ask some Japanese programme, and this desire will become true.

Do you want to run faster the Usain Bolt? Very well, go to Japan and prepare to enter into the history… with a little of help.

Put together a very fast man, five incredibly powerful fans (one of them of abnormal dimensions at the start) and an exalted Japenese reporter and here is your miracle.

We are not sure about the date of this video, but it is a must-see for sure, especially for the chosen one: Justin Gatlin.

Gatlin is for sure the person that, most of all, would like to be faster than Usain Bolt, after having lost three gold medals in Beijing and with the Olympic Games soon to come and so, he is also the most perdect person for this weird but interesting experiment.

Shot-start, USA uniform, Gatlin starts his 100m with a powerful fan on his back which helps into making the start of the century. During the run, two more couples of turbines help Gatlin, pushing him with a 20 m/s wind. When he passes the arrival line the chronometer says 9”45 and the Japanese fans exult.

Among this, the best part is surely Gatlin’s voice dubbing at 00:43 which closely resembles the famous videogame Tekken. Enjoy!

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