VIDEO: Renaud Lavillenie training at 360 degrees

Renaud Lavillenie 360News are circulating about Renaud Lavillenie and this time it is not about the heights jumped by the French champion: indeed, the 29 years old Olympic champion is the protagonist of a 360 degrees video realised during his training.

In the first part you can see, rotating the image in a chosen direction, the jump shot from a fixed position below the crossboard. Next, Lavillenie jumps with the camera on his head, making an “on board” shooting and bringing the spectator some meters above the ground.

“Le Roi” is not unfamiliar with shooting during his jumps: last Christmas, in fact, he wished Merry Christmas to his funs through a backflip video realised during a jump and filmed with a GoPro.

Enjoy the jump!

Salto con l'asta a 360° con Renaud Lavillenie

Come si allena un campione di salto con l’asta? Scoprilo con il nuovo video VR a 360° di Renaud Lavillenie!Lui e Sergey Bubka saranno ospiti d’eccezione questa sera a "Going for Gold" alle ore 18.00 su Eurosport

Pubblicato da Eurosport su lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

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