VIDEO: Brian Herron, 15 y.o. runs 48”76 on 400m and 21”84 on 200m (indoor)

herronIt was about time we got some news from the New World regarding its rising stars, always ready to battle for the a future spot among the stars of the American Track&Field.

The newest name is Brian Herron’s, 15 y.o. Herron has just become a freshman, which means, he just entered high school, the starting point of all the American champions.

It did not take very long for the young Herron to stand out, grabbing not one but two “freshman national records”.

During an Indoor reunion in Alabama a few days before, the high school student ran 200m in 21”84 and 400m in 48”76. The 400 record has a particular statistical value;in fact, with this time, Herron managed to overcome the thirty years lasting record belonging to William Reed, who, back in 1987, ran in 45”17 when he was 17y.o..

Do you want to enjoy this future phenomenon’s deeds? Here are the videos.

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