Athletics is the sport with the highest number of doping cases in 2015

DopingIt is time to draw up some conclusions for the past year; Italy leads a not so honorable ranking.

The websited published a ranking of the nations in which the most doping cases have been publicly broadcast during this year, considering all the Olympics sports. The podium is sadly formed by Italy at the first place with 72 cases, followed by Russia with 70 and India and USA with 26.

Among the 72 cases, 12 come from the world of Track&Field, while the biggest part of the remaining comes from cylcism. Italy is also on the third step of the podium of the ranking of doping cases in Track&Field, along with India, while Kenya with 24 athletes occupies the second step and Russia leads with 29 athletes, being the undisputed protagonist of doping scandals during this year.

For what regards the list of sports with the higher number of positive cases in 2015, athletics occupies the first place with 203 cases recorded in the whole world, followed by cyclism with 98 cases and weight lifting with 74.

An extremely negative ending of the year for Track&Field which trembled far too many times in front of the doping ghost; a new year now opens, in which we hope to see the queen of all sports leading more positive rankings and purged of the people who learned nothing about the values that sport has to transmit.

This rank, anyway, does not mean athletics is the most doped sport, but it’s just the sport where anti-doping is working more and better.

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