IAAF updated the olympic entry standards for Rio 2016

Rio 2016Today IAAF announced in a press release that the council approved some modifications to the entry standards for the Olympic Games during the meeting on the 26th November.

These amendmends make some of the standards easier to reach. The decision came after the analysis of the Beijing’s World Championships, where the “Target Numbers” system has been used for the first time. In this way IAAF will reduce the number of athletes entered to fill the race, giving more importance to the standard.

This is the updated table for Rio 2016 (in red the modified standards).

100m 11″32 10″16
200m 23″20 20″50
400m 52″20 45″40
800m 2’01″50 1’46″00
1500m 4’07″00 3’36″20
5000m 15’24″00 13’25″00
10,000m 32’15″00 28’00″00
Marathon 2h45’00 2h19’00
3000st 9’45″00 8’30″00
100/110m hs 13’00 13’47
400m hs 56’20 49’40
High Jump 1.93m 2.29m
Pole Vault 4.50m 5.70m
Long Jump 6.70m 8.15m
Triple Jump 14.15m 16.85m
Shot Put 17.75m 20.50m
Discus Throw 61.00m 65.00m
Hammer Throw 71.00m 77.00m
Javelin Throw 62.00m 83.00m
Heptatlon 6200
Decathlon 8100
Racewalk 20km 1h36’00 1h24’00
Racewalk 50km 4h06’00

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