NEWS: After Russia, Kenyan runners paid bribes to cover positive tests

kenyaIt does not take so much time that someone joins the scuffles raised by Russia.

After yestarday’s revelations about the investigations to Athletics Kenya vice-president because of embezzlement (almost 700.000 dollars), today new allegations against the African country which won the last World competition rose up.

It seems that three Marathon runners paid bribes to the Federation in order to cover their “not properly” crystalline tests and to avoid suspensions from activity. 

To shed light on this situation, the trainer Paul Simbolei advised the local authorities about such irregularities, not mentioning anyone. Moreover, Simolei received threats for what he did, saying to the policy that his life might be in danger, after these harsh revelations.

According to the Kenyan trainer’s words, the AK officers are asking the athletes for a percentage of the prizes won during the competition, otherwise some positive tests could be shown.

The best annotation comes from Colm O’Connel, David Rudisha’s trainer: “If Kenya wants to achieve the Olympic Games with a clear consciousness, it must start controlling and monitoring the athletes as soon as possible. If all this story will go on during Rio, the Games will get blurred as well“.


Photo: Rob Henwood, BodyHelix Europe

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