NEWS: Lamine Diack investigated for corruption and money laundering

Lamine DiackBy now, such stories no longer surprise anyone, but let’s try the same: IAAF’s ex president, Lamine Diack, and his consultant Habbibe Cisse have been arrested on Sunday and released on Tuesday by the French authorities; the allegations were corruption and money laundering.

All these facts came out after a raid carried out by the French authorities within the IAAF’s headquarters, because of an investigation started on June.

It seems Diack had received an amount of 1 million of dollars kickback in 2011 by Russia in order to cover up some positive doping tests. 

It is supposed that this money has been used to get at least six Russian athletes unremarked; they were able to keep competing during Olympic Games in 2012 as well.

Habib Cisse, Diack’s legal consultant, has been put under investigation by the judges on the base of evidence provided by the world antidoping Agency. Gabriel Dolle, who was the director of the IAAF’s antidoping section, has been remanded in custody in the south of France. Both Diack and Cisse, arrested on Sunday, have been released on bail of 550.000 $. 

Everything reminds of a paper castle exposed to the wind. 

As for now, IAAF only stated it will fully cooperate with the ongoing investigations.

World Anti-Doping Agency and Sir Craig Reedie have not pledged themsleves yet, just letting known that all the necessary controls will be done while WADA’s ex president, Dick Pound, who has investigated the continuos doping and the Russian covering up since December, will announce his discoveries on Monday in Ginevra during a press conference which could be drammatic.

A separate investigation by IAAF ethics commission, led by the well-respected Michael Beloff, is examining the activities of the other important ex characters of the Federation as well.

Among the most important names, Diack’s son, Papa Massata Diack who is the ex marketing director, accused of the being involved in the corruption led to cover up the scandals in Russia and Valentin Balakhnichev, ex IAAF treasurer who left his position as president of the Russian federation after the allegations.

If you will hear a big crack on Monday, look in the direction of Geneve and hope for the best in the name of the love for our beatiful sport.

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