NEWS: Konrad Bukowiecki sets the new Shot Put Junior WR with the 7,260kg weight

Konrad BukowieckiWith the important competitions coming to an end, it is now time for Meeting. Today the track and field races are going on in the Meeting of Zagreb, while yesterday the shot put challenge took place.

The Junior athlete, class 1997, Konrad Bukowiecki, destroyed the Juniores World Record with the 7.260 kg weight with a powerful shot. The previous one had been established in 1979 by the USA athlete Mike Carter and it was 20.65m, while Bukowiecki, on his last attempt, managed to throw the shot at 20.78m.

He had already overcome the Record on the fifth attempt, reaching 20.75m, but, not satisfied yet, he managed to further improve; the result was also worth the third place. The winner was Tom Walsh with 21.62m (new Oceania Record), while the second place goes O’Dayne Richards with 21.29m.

The Polish Bukowiecki already stood out in 2014 when he won the Juniores World Championships in Eugene with 22.06m; in the same year he also qualified for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing throwing the 5kg weight 23.07m away.

Photo Zuma Press

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