DOPING: 28 athletes found positive at Helsinki and Osaka WC after samples re-test

dopingSeems to be 28 the number of athletes with blood values revealing doping usage.

If violation will be confirmed, results of involved competitions will be updated and medals reassigned, eventually states IAAF after the re-analysis of blood and urine samples of Helsinki 2005 and Osaka 2007 World Championships.

The majority of the athletes hit by the re-testing is no more in activity while the others have been suspended and will not take part to Beijing World Championships; moreover, some of them have been already sanctioned in the past.

Most of the cases come from Russia, together with Belarus, Turkey and Ukraine.

Names have been already reported to the National Federations and will be published after the end of the legal actions.

Investigations started this April, way before the german TV ARD accused IAAF to hide doping cases.

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