VIDEO: Robert Harting leads german athletes united against IAAF

Robert Harting nel video contro la IAAFIn these weeks all the world has eyes on athletics “thanks” to the doping scandal involving hundreds of top international athletes and could bring to a lot of medal reassignments.

Athletes are rebelling and accuse IAAF to not act, to hide who cheats. Robert Harting has always demonstrated to be agains doped athletes, for example when refused to be inserted in the candidates for the IAAF Athlete of the Year prize because athletes who received doping bans were included too, like Justin Gatlin.

Together with other athletes like Robin Schembera, Kathrin Klaas, Julia Fischer, Eric Werskey and André Höhne, they recorded a video in which they say they not trust anymore World Federation and ask to act. They created even an hashtag, #hitIAAF, used by many important athletes like Renaud Lavillenie and Greg Rutherford.

Here the video:

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