BEIJING: Germany team goes all-in on throws, Robert “Hulk” Harting could be missing

Roberto Harting66 german athletes are ready to leave, direction China. As always their best athletes come from throws, events in which Germany is historically leader. Three former champions will go in the field to defend the title: David Storl in shot put, Christina Obergfoll in javelin e Robert Harting in Discus.

The last one hasn’t decided yet if confirm his presence thanks to the Wild Card gained as in charge World Champion because of an injury. German Federation inserted his name in the list although “Hulk” reserves the possibility to choose. This time we could not see him ripping of his shirt after the victory.

Other medal chances comes from Christina Schwanitz, the favorite for the winning considering Valerie Adams missing, discus throwers Christoph Harting and Martin Wierig and javelin throwers Christin Hussong, Katharina Molitor and Linda Stahl.

But Germany will be in first line in pole vault too, with Raphael Holzdeppe, the fourth world champion in charge of the team, who will try to face the french Lavillenie in a not so obvious challenge. Among women Silke Spiegelburg could be worth a medal, but the competitors are not giving up easly.

100m: Sven Knipphals, Julian Reus
200m: Robin Erewa, Julian Reus
800m: Robin Schembera
5000m: Richard Ringer
10000m: Arne Gabius
110hs: Matthias Buhler, Alexander John, Gregor Traber
High Jump: Eike Onnen, Mateusz Przybylko
Pole Vault: Raphael Holzdeppe, Carlo Paech, Tobias Scherbarth
Long Jump: Alyn Camara, Fabian Heinle
Shot Put: David Storl
Discus Throw: Christoph Harting, Robert Harting, Martin Wierig
Javelin Throw: Lars Hamann, Andreas Hofmann, Thomas Rohler, Johannes Vetter
Decathlon: Rico Freimuth, Kai Kazmirek, Michael Schrader
20km Racewalk: Nils Brembach, Christopher Linke, Hagen Pohle
50km Racewalk: Carl Dohmann
4x100m: Robert Hering, Lucas Jakubczyk, Sven Knipphals, Alexander Kosenkow, Aleixo Platini Menga, Julian Reus

100m: Rebekka Haase, Gina Luckenkemper, Verena Sailer
800m: Christina Hering, Fabienne Kohlmann
100hs: Cindy Roleder
3000st: Gesa Felicitas Krause
High Jump: Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch
Pole Vault: Lisa Ryzih, Silke Spiegelburg, Martina Strutz
Long Jump: Lena Malkus, Malaika Mihambo, Sosthene Moguenara
Triple Jump: Kristin Gierich
Shot Put: Christina Schwanitz
Discus Throw: Shanice Craft, Julia Fischer, Nadine Muller
Hammer Throw: Betty Heidler, Kathrin Klaas
Javelin Throw: Christin Hussong, Katharina Molitor, Christina Obergfoll, Linda Stahl
Heptathlon: Jennifer Oeser, Claudia Rath, Carolin Schafer
4x100m: Alexandra Burghardt, Anna-Lena Freese, Rebekka Haase, Yasmin Kwadwo, Gina Luckenkemper, Verena Sailer

In the picture: Robert Harting (Reuters: Kai Pfaffenbach)

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