NEWS: Justin Gatlin insults a kid on Instagram

Justin GatlinFalse step for the leader of USA sprint Justin Gatlin, who yesterday answerd in a not so happy way to a kid after sharing a picture on his instagram.

This act gained echo on Twitter, thanks to James Campell who posted in a tweet the screenshot of the indicted comment.

We can easly read: ” Stay off my page lil ugly boy “.

For sure is not a classy way to answer for the sprinter who, even if he had all the reason to be bad, should remember that being a public person and an olympic sportsman means also to care about your own behaviour, especially when your reputation is not as good due to past doping suspendings.

Here the Instagram post:


Una foto pubblicata da justingatlin (@justingatlin) in data:

Foto: Chiara Montesano/

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