NEWS: Choosen the five youths who will go on camp with Ashton Eaton

On camp with Ashton EatonAt the end of World Youth Championships in Cali, Ashton Eaton had to trouble to chose 5 athletes who will train with him thanks to the IAAF’s project “On camp with Ashton Eaton”.

The 5 youths will go to Eugene in March 2016 where will workout for three days with the olympic champion.

Athletes come from 5 different countries and will have a really full agenda: while in Oregon they will be guests at the World Indoor Championships in Portland and will be monitored in sight of the World Junior Championships of Kazan 2016.

Those are the names of the lucky athletes and the reasons why Eaton choose them:

Maribel Vanessa Caceido ecuadorian winner of 100hs. Eaton sees her really focused in reaching her own goals and he is sure she’s already targeting bigger things.

Candace Hill is the winner of 100m and 200m and comes from USA, she has been chosen for talent and tenacity, she set the world youth record on 200m.

Niklas Klaus won gold in Decathlon and silver in Javelin, so he competed in 11 events. No need to say Eaton felt soon empathy for the kid and remained really impressed on his way to react to the defeat on 110hs.

Salwa Eid Naser comes from Brunei Darussalam, an asian country on Borneo Island. She won 400m succeding in overcome the opponents in the last 75m although she risked to lose the medal. She proved wisdom during the competition.

Werner Visser, russian discus thrower who surprised Eaton for the impressive result accomplished in a such important competition.

The young athletes said to be honoured that someone like Ashton Eaton recognized their talent and appreciated their results, and they’re looking forward to start this amazing experience.

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