MONACO: Genzebe Dibaba grabs 1500m WR, Asbel Kiprop almost (VIDEO)

Genzebe DibabaFinally, it happened: Genzebe Dibaba scores a track world record, not the longed 5000m of her sister Tiruniesh, but a much shorter and faster race: 1500m.

In the night of Monaco and its prestigious stage of the Diamond League, the great Ethiopian athlete stripped away the World record to the Chinese Qu Yunxia after a race run with a tremendous pace one on one against the Dutch Sifan Hassan, with whom she shared every meter until the last lap, when the Ethiopian gathered all her energies running the last 400 in 1 minute, stopping the chronometer, and the history of the specialty, to 3’50”07, 4 tenth of a second better than Yunxia, who had been holding the record for 22 years.

Who instead keeps looking for the all-times crown 1500m is Asbel Kiprop, trying every year the assault to the throne of Hicham El Guerrouj and his 3’26”00.

Yesterday in Munich, the Kenyan astonished the crowd and himself as well, finishing his race with his PB and the third time ever on that distance: 3’26”69. Nobody had gone below 3’27 since 2001, when Bernard Lagat came close to El Guerrouj with a time of 3’26”34.

Justing Gatlin continues gathering points for the diamond, stage after stage, keeping running below 9”80 on 100m. On Montecarlo’s track, the USA runner stopped the chronometer at 9”78 (MR).

Thrilling race on the 800m men when, surprisingly the winner comes from the Old Continent: Amel Tuka, from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Tuka battled with Nijel Amos, with the Bosnian taking eventually over and surprising the crowd with a mighty 1’42”51, few hundredth of seconds away from the all-time top ten, where the tenth position is occupied by the legendary Jurij Borzakovsij with 1’42”47.

Bershawn Jackson keeps winning with authority on 400hs where he seems to have regained a particular brilliance, lost in the past few seasons. Jackson took over everyone with a 48”23.

This time, Renaud Lavillenie doesn’t fail after his last two false steps in Diamond League, where he had managed to lose, even badly. This time the French jumper had no problem and rose up to 5,92, bringing home the stage, ahead of the Greek Filippidis (5,82).

The American Francena McCorory is establishing herself more and more as the vice of Sanya Richards Ross, grabbing the WL of 400m, the only time below 50 of the day: 49”83. Libania Grenot, who is racewalking very well with an eye on Bejing, was in the race as well, subtracting seconds to the SB and getting to 51”07.

Incredible star-striped duel in the 100Hs women, where the first five athletes are all American. Sharika Nelvis triumphed with a great 12”46, followed by Kendra Harrison (12”52), Brianna Rollins (12”56), Jasmin Stowers (12,56) and Dawn Harper Nelson (12”58).

While Nasa reached Pluton, maybe the weight of Joe Kovacs made it to the Moon. Joking aside, the American Kovacs shined in the evening of Montecarlo, achieving the PB and 8th all time placement with 22,56, 2 cm more than Christian Cantwell.

Mariya Kuchina redeemed herself after the failure in U23 Europian Championships, dominating the high jump and grabbing points with a 2,00 jump.  Alessia Trost is seventh with 1,91, still looking for the right inspiration to add some centimeters for Bejing.

Sandra Perkovic wins after the stop in the last stage and still dominates the discus throw ranking. Victory with 66,80 for her.

The triple jump stellar challenge, which we are will end up with a duel for the World throne, renovates between Christian Taylor and Pedro Pablo Pichardo. 2 cm between them, but the winner is only one: Taylor. The two jumpers reached respectively 17,75 (MR) and 17,73; lately, when their names appear on the start list, a great show is assured.

A diamond coated revenge is taken by Tero Pitkamaki, who launches his javelin farther than anyone else, setting the flag to 88,87. Humble performance for the favorites, Yego and Walcott, both not being able to go past 84 meters.

Great race for women in the 3000Hs, where the leading team slowly vanished in the last laps and Habiba Gharibi emerged ahead, grabbinb the victory in 9’11”28.


Photo:  Philippe Fitte

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