VIDEO: Celebrates too early and gets overtaken on the finish line

overallWe are used to this kind of tragicomic event by now.

Place is AJC Peachtree, 10km race. Ben Payne is firmly in the lead. Only the finish line in front of him, waiting for him to pass it, winning the race.

Little did he know that behind him the Olympic marathon athlete Scott Overall was seriously planning a come back.

Payne made the biggest mistake you can possibly think of: celebrating , arms wide open and smile on his face.

Overall, noticing his opponent’s distraction, didn’t let the occasion slide by: he continued running until an unaware Payne embarrassingly slipped off behind him.

Lastly PC confirmation ensured Overall’s victory , while Payne only got disappointment.

This is what he wrote on twitter after the race. an advice for every runner out there.

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