NEWS: Sydney McLaughlin, World Age-15 on 400hs in 55”28

sydney mclaughlinThis girl from Union Catholic School last year obtained the World Junior Championship’s entry standard for the 400hs race running in 55”63, but even if she would have had a good result, she couldn’t run because she was younger than 14 and it’s forbidden to compete in international competitions at that age.

This year Sidney McLaughlin is finally ready to compete in the race, after winning the USA Trials of Lisle with a big lead, without tackle from the other athletes.

She ran in 55″28, with a very good half that brought directly to the World-Age 15 record, getting really close to the World Youth Record, held by Leslie Macxie from 1984 with 55″20.

McLaughlin stays 8 hundredth of a second far from all-time graduation top, but the World Youth Championship is near and sometimes stress and desire to show what you’re made of can help the athlete to do the performance nobody expected.


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