VIDEO: Josephus Lyles, 16 years old and 45”77 on 400m

josephus lylesIt seems that from this youth athletes will come up a lot of ”death lap” passionates.

Today’s story is based in Lisle, Illinois, where this weekend took place USA Youth Trials for the World Youth Championships that will be held in Cali (COL).

On the 400m start, a lot of youngsters ready to conquer a place in the USA team.

Right after the starting shot and the yell of the crowd, a guy jump in the lead, overcoming athletes started in external lanes.

At the 300m mark the leader is still him, dressed in red blue and white, Josephus Lyles. With an unusual frequency for being in the last 100m, the 16 years old boy reaches the finish line in 45”77. The first behind him is ”far” at 46”06.

Is always nice to see a youth under 46” on 400m, but Lyles  has to work hard if he wants to take the gold in Cali.

At the moment, with is new PB, Lyles is third on the season rank, behind the connational Keshun Reed (45”75) and the Jamaican Christopher Taylor (45”55).

Anyway, going so fast at this age not always guarantees a lightful athletic future. Indeed the world youth record holder Obea Moore never succeeded in improving his PB of 45”14; on the other hand at the same age Kirani James won the World Youth Championship in Bressanone (ITA), followed by a World Title and an Olympic Title.

We cannot read the future, but we can say a thing: the 400m final in Cali will be epic!


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