NEWS: Athletics first in doping bans number according a WADA report

WADAUnfortunately, as we knows, doping use strongly increased in the last years, not only in athletics but in sports in general.

WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) created a report of all doping violations in sport. In 2013 infringments were 1,953 involving 89 sports and 115 countries.

On the podium of sport we find athletics with 255 violations, followed by weightlifting (252) and cycling (203).

Among countries, Russia is on the highest step of the podium with 255 violations, 42 of them in athletics, Turkey in second place with 188 violations followed by India with 90.

WADA President, Craig Reedie, declared: “With almost 2,000 sanctions per year and almost every sport involved, is clear that doping still represent a great menace for sport“.

The report has been made by a three persons commission after the german documentary about doping in Russia. Data include either failed anti-doping tests or the so called “non-analytical investigations” as the biological passports with anomalies.

Situation is not of the best and there is a lot of work to do in order to cancel this behaviour that destroys sport’s beauty, made by dedication, effort and personal improvement, thanks to continuous training and not to chemistry.

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