IAAF designs electronic insoles to spot loss of contact during race walk competitions

IAAF Sebastian Coe Taicang 2018Doha’s World Championship in 2019 could mark a turning point in race walk competitions.

IAAF, in fact, just signed a contract for the realisation of two prototypes of insoles with detectors. Any loss of contact with the ground will be detected by an electronic system designed to be sure that the athlete is doing the right gesture. This will help judges to proceed with the admonitions without doubts.

The test-phase of the project will last 18 month and the results will be analyzed by the Race Walking Committee who will then possibly proceed by proposing rules modifications to be presented to the Technical Committe and to the Counsil.

The target is to be ready for 2019 with this new electronic system which will get rid of all the misjudgment with a precise and reliable method.

Photo: Philippe Fitte/IAAF

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