Piotr Malachowski puts in auction his silver medal to help a kid hit by cancer

piotr-malachowskyAthletes have a big heart, you know. Yet another proof comes from  Piotr Malachowsky, who decided to put his silver medal on auction in order to raise money for charity.

The sum will need to pay cures for a three-years-old child hit by cancer.

Olek Szymanski is a Polish kid suffering of retinoblastoma, an eye cancer, who needs to move in the United States to receive the appropriate medical treatments. His mother contacted Malachowski right after the competition asking for help.

Malachowski’s Rio silver medal is his biggest sport prize paired with the Beijing 2008’s silver, but didn’t exhitate using it to help her and her family to save Olek.

The Polish thrower wrote on Facebook: “Winning a medal at the Olympics it’s every athlete’s dream. Obviously gold is the most precious. I did everything that was in my capabilities to win it. Unfortunately I didn’t make it, but I have the chance to add value to my silver. I fought for gold in Rio. Now I ask you to fight for something even more valuable, a child life. If you help me, the silver will became more worthy than gold.


The target of the auction is to reach 480.000 Zlotys, the equivalent of 111.500 €. Clicking HERE you can find the auction page.

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