VIDEO: Omar McLeod first man going sub-10” on 100m and sub-13” on 110hs

Omar-mcleodTrack&Field is living a glorious time for what regards the records overcoming and the statistics improvement. After Wayde Van Niekerk’s fantastic “triple” (sub. 10 in 100m, sub 20 in 200m and sub 44 in 400m) this time a curious and prestigious record regards the world of hurdles.

Omar McLeod, who won this year the World title on the 60m Hs in Portland, became the first hurdler to overcome an important barrier: the 10” wall in the 100m. 

With a wind close to the limit (+2.00 m/s) , Omar McLeod ran 100m in 9”99 at the  John McDonnell invitational 2016. This result maaakes McLeod the first person ever abale to run 100m in less than 10 seconds and 110Hs in less than 13 seconds (12”97 in 2015).

Who knows what will await the young Jamaican hurdler, for the moment let us watch the video of the triumph again.

Photo: Bryan Cummings

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