First names of the Australian Team for Rio 2016 have been announced

Sally PearsonThree days ago, during the Gala Dinner, the Australian Federation announced the names of the first athletes selected to make the olympic team for Rio.

Currently, 36 athlete will take part in the team led by the hurlder Sally Pearson who, after the fracture of the wrist, is back in a even better condition than before.

The athlete competing in the Marathon are still missing but they will be selected by the end of the month. The race walking and the 10.000 team will be decided in May while the athletes competing in the remaining speciality will be chosen in July.

Here are the athletes of the Australian team.


100m Josh Clarke
200m Alexander Hartmann
800m Luke Mathews
5000m Brett Robinson
10.000m David McNeill
20km Race walking Dane Bird-Smith
50km Race walking  Jared Tallent, Chris Erickson, Brendon Reading
Long Jump Henry Frayne Brisbane, Fabrice Lapierre
High JumpBrandon Starc
Shot Put Damien Birkinhead
Discus Throw Benn Harradine
Decathlon Cedric Dubler


100hs Sally Pearson, Michelle Jenneke
200m Ella Nelson
400m Anneliese Rubie, Morgan Mitchell
400hs Lauren Wells
Pole Vault Alana Boyd
1.500m Melissa Duncan
5.000m Eloise Wellings
10.000m Eloise Wellings
3.000st Madeline Hills, Genevieve LaCaze, Victoria Mitchell
20km Race walking   Rachel Tallent
Long Jump Chelsea Jaensch, Brooke Stratton
High Jump Eleanor Patterson
Javelin Throw Kimberley Mickle, Kathryn Mitchell, Kelsey-Lee Robert
Discus Throw Dani Samuels

In the photo: Sally Pearson (Chiara Montesano/

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