VIDEO: Portland 2016 track building up in time lapse

portlandPortland, Oregon, the venue for the next Indoor World Championships.

Until recently, digital previews of the future track or prespectives of the yard were circulating on the web.

The organiser committee set a web cam in order to shot a time lapse to document the construction of the building where the World champions will be awarded until the end

Apparently, the erection of the track and the galleries takes only ten days working, it is astonishing to see from the time lapse as lights, galleries and various parts of the track have been installed.

The opening of the event is only eight days away, let be ready to watch athletes running, jumping and throwing, starting by looking at this curious video.

The track for #Portland2016 was built in the @oregoncc in just 10 days.

Pubblicato da IAAF World Indoor Championships – Portland 2016 su lunedì 7 marzo 2016

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