Jessica Ennis-Hill will not be in Portland for an Achille’s tendon injury

Jessica Ennis-HillAfter Sally Pearson, another great athete renounces the Indoor World Championships in Portland so as not to compromise her partecipation to the Olympic Games in Rio.

The British runner Jessica Ennis-Hill will not take part to the World competition because of an injury to Achille’s tendon that does not allow her to continue her indoor season.

Because of the tendon, in 2013 she lost the World Championships and in 2014 she skipped the whole season because of her son’s birth; at Beijing World Championships she won the golden medal and she is surely aiming for the victory in Rio as well.

My priority has always been Rio and I do not want to take any risk – the athlete says – I am frustrated but I know that this is the right approach.”

Photo Yue Yuewei/Corbis

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