Usain Bolt voted as Athlete of the Year by World Sport Press Association

Usain Bolt PechinoAIPS ( International Sports Press Association) decreed the best athletes of the year elected by a jury of journalists coming from 91 nations; such prize is awarded every year and this time there were many protagonists from the world of Track&Field.

For the category “Best Male Athlete“, Usain Bolt wins slightly ahead of Djokovic, followed himself by Lionel Messi. Thus, the Jamaican sprinter triumphs in a classification involving champions from different sports. For Bolt, this is not a news: during his career he was awarded 4 AIPS titles.

He was awarded at the end of a complex year; in fact, he arrived to Beijing after having run very few races and he managed to win the most difficult World Championships of his life. A hard Championships indeed, but which won him three golden medals:  100m, 200m and 4×100.

It has to be noted how Track&Field dominated over other sports in the other categories as well. In the female category, on the lowest steps of the podium there are the Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba and the Dutch sprinter Dafne Schippers, preceded only by the tennis player Serena Williams. One more victory for Track&Field regards the election of the press room of the Beijing World Champions as the  “Best Press Facility“.

As for now Usain Bolt keeps running and winning medals, will he ever stop? In 2016 we are expecting great things from the two young promises, both of them bronze medals on the 100m in Beijing: the American Trayvon Bromell and the Canadian Andre De Grasse who, after having passed to professional competitions, promise excellent results. Will they be the world sprint future?

Photo Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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