USATF asks for a change to Rio timetable, Allyson Felix wants to double 200-400

AllysonFelix_900-600-08-09-12With an official release published on the Federation website, USATF (United States of America Track and Field) formally asked IAAF for a revision of the Rio Olympic Games races timetable. 

The request of the Star and Stripes Federation occured since they noticed that the fixed timetable does not allow Allyson Felix to compete for the double medal in 200m and 400m.

The USATF Chief Executive Officier, Max Siegel, stated that Felix should be allowed to run for the double since, in the last years, she graced IAAF.

Allyson is the most decorated female athlete in IAAF hystory and she should have the chance to compete for the double gold medal, since, most likely, this will be her last partecipation to the Olympic Games.”

Allyson Felix won six medals, three of them are golden medals achieved during London Olympic Games, thus the ambition for four golden medals won in a single competition does not appear as a such utopian thought.

Let’s wait for IAAF official answer.


Photo: Getty Images/Ezra Shaw

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