NEWS: Hamburg’s underground turned into a track

Metropolitana AmbrugoTrack&Field world seems to infect more and more designers all over the world such as the ones who installed false tracks in public places; do you remember about Tokyo’s airport?

Now is the turn of Hamburg’s underground to be made into an athletics track, also with a view to 2024 Olympic Games for which it is a candidate. The German ministry Micheal Neumann, the underground CEO Kay Uwe Arnecke and the ex star of athletics Ingo Schultz, presented the new underground station of Jungfernstieg some days ago.

I hope the citizens have an even stronger desire to use public transport in Hamburg – Neumann said – We want to motivate people to move more and to do some sport“.

Hamburg is one of the five candidated along with Rome, Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris; the decision will be taken during the Lima Congress in 2017. The German city has never hosted the Olympic Games and it beated Berlin in the national internal race; all the events will take place within the city so that all the athletes can get on foot to the places where the competitions will be. 

It looks like a good initiative, at least athletes will be motivated to use the stairs and to do a bit of running.

Photo Feuer und Flamme für Hamburg 2024

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