VIDEO: Usain Bolt talks over his retirement again, he may stop running before 2017

boltMexico City, Usain Bolt is holding a press conference and, at a glance, he starts talking over a rebus not leaked out yet: retirement in 2016 or 2017?

According to the champion of velocity, his future will be defined next year, when the curtain will be rung down on the Olympic Games in Rio. When the races will end and his mind will be clearer, Bolt and his trainer Mills, will exchange their views to decide about his future, not considering that Puma would rather Usain competed on the tracks during the 2017 season as well. 

Usain said to the microphones of the press he has two more main goals: to be the first man running 200m in 18 seconds and to set the umpteenth hat-trick  100-200-4×100.

So far, Bolt’s career speaks for itself and it does not need any defense or subterfuge to label the Caribbean as a living legend, but Bolt wants to boost his status, looking for a position in the upper level, in the myths’ Pantheon.

No runner has ever won three consecutive Olympic Games in an event, while, in the discus throwing and in the long jump, athletes such as Al Oerter e Carl Lewis succeeded in this glorious occasion, winning four consecutive Olympic Games.

What will happen to Usain’s future? Will we see him speed on the tracks in 2017 too? Only Rio de Janeiro will say that.

Here is the video that “The Guardian” posted on its international website, let Usain speak!


Photo: Fermo immagine del Video, The Guardian.

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