NEWS: Kira Grünberg’s conditions improve, she started moving her arms

Kira GrunbergSome weeks have passed since the tragic accident of the Austrian pole vaulter Kira Grünberg, the doctors diagnosed her paraplegia and it seemed there were no possibilities to get better. 

Today, instead, a good news occurred from the clinic of Bad Häring where Kira is following the rehabilitation therapy: it seems she has the physical mobility of the arms.

It is still not possible for her to move the fingers of the hands but she can relatively direction the upper limbs; the girl is optimist towards her future and she trains very hard everyday to try to reacquire the control of her own body more and more.

She relieves all who are following her happenings and she assures to be good and to have accepted her condition; doctors and patients who are in the clinic understand or have already been part of what happened to her and, because of this, they help her daily, giving her strength.

Photo GEPA

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