NEWS: Justin Gatlin is sure: “I can beat Bolt in 2016”

Usain Bolt and Justin GatlinThe track in Beijing is still warm and the world podium even more, and at the eve of the last stage of Diamond League in Bruxelles Justin Gatlin talked again about his competitive relation with His Majesty, Usain Bolt. 

The 2016 Olympic Games are just around the corner and the USA sprinter is already thinking about a likely victory, stating he can be much faster: “The distance between us is becoming smaller and smaller. In 2014 I was not quite trained for 9″8 but this year my time is almost always around 9″7. Next season I hope I can do even better. It is just about growth and about to be present in the day that matters”.

Maybe, this last aspect of “the day that matters” is what was missing in Gatlin in the final of 100m this year, where Usain Bolt, despite 200m, was not invincible.

Gatlin, who will end up on the top 3 of 100m and who will win the Diamond League for this contest, has also talked about his relationship with his age, 33 years old, not properly “kid’s age” for a sprinter.

“It is not up to me to say what I can and what I cannot do at this age, I am not going towards a limit. I cannot say I am 34 years old and I cannot learn anything more, rather, I think a lot of athletes can achieve the best results after 30 years old since they are more focused on their life, their family and their children”.

We will see, there is still one year before Olympic Game, everything can happen and many athletes can stand up and be counted.


Photo: AP

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