NEWS: Qatar offers Julius Yego $ 8.5 millions, but the athlete denies

Julius YegoIt is well known how many of the representatives of the Qatar team are, in truth, ex-citizens of other African countries, often Kenyans, hired for the long-distance races.

What makes the athletes change nationality so easily is the bright richness of Qatar, which pays the change of flag very well.

This time, it looks like the one tempted by money has been nothing less than the new World Champion of javelin, Julius Yego.

The fact has been revealed by a Qatar assistantworking in the hotel where Yego was staying in Beijing.

This man, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated that three men got in contact with him to ask information about Yego’s room number, soon after he had won his world title. After pondering what to do, the three men would have then expressly told the hotel assistant about the amount of money Yego would have received if he had agreed in changing nationality: of Kenyan shellins, slightly more than 8.5 millions euros. A remarkable amount!

Eventually, the assistant says, the three men have reached Yego’s room in order to talk to the new World champion about the deal. Julius Yego, showing great attachment to his country, is said to have declined the offer, saying to be very proud to be part of Kenya.

Nevertheless, the Javelin thrower has categorically denied the whole thing in an interview.

“Why should I do that?” the new world champion said. “Money cannot bring me anywhere. Who would recognize me in Qatar? How many Kenyans took their nationality only to come back crying?”.


Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP

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