NEWS: Gerd Kanter inserted in WADA’s trust-list

Gerd KanterIn this black period for athletics in matter of doping, arrives a really good news thanks to Estonian discus thrower Gerd Kanter.

The athlete’s name indeed has been inserted in a prestigious WADA list, the trust list. This is a list of athletes who have proved along years to have never used doping and which blood test results have been without doubt always clean.

Being part of this list means not receiving WADA anti-doping controls anymore, but just controls from the national antidoping agency.

In the last 15 years the world and olympic champion has never reported irregularities after doping controls and gained WADA’s complete trust.

Kanter is a sustainer of life ban for positive tested athletes and he consider the Biological Passport a huge step forward in the doping fight.

Foto Hasse Sjogren/DECA text&bild

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