BEIJING: 71 russians for the World Championships, only one racewalker

Darya Klishina

The federations of various countries start to release the compositions of the national teams for the World Championships in Beijing. As we approach the World Championships we will try to analyze the many participating teams.

The Russians are very combative in the jumps. In the women’s high jump will be the strong couple Anna Chicherova, recently returned to jump over 2.03, and Maria Kuchina, another athlete who can jump over 2 meters and with the desire to redeem the bad results of European U23 Championship. There will be also the Olympic champion Ivan Ukhov, recently defeated by Daniil Tsyplakov, another high jumper who will compete in China, during the Russian National Championships.

The long jump World Champion Aleksandr Menkov, who is not so in shape as when he won the title in Moscow, but is still able to carve out an important role in a competition without a favourite


It will be difficult to emerge for the triple jump world indoor champion Lyukman Adams: in this season a lot of athletes jumped over 18 meters and the medal will be probably assigned around that mark.. Darya Klishina can work for something important with her season best of 6.95m, while Ekaterina Koneva will be a thorn in the side of the Colombian Ibarguen, the only two to jump over the 15 metres wall

In 110hs race Sergey Shubenkov, a formidable opponent because of his constancy on really good results, will surely try to fit into the usual group of fearsome Americans.

Others top names are those of Maria Abakumova and Dmitri Tarabin, both bronze medal at the World Championships in 2013 in the javelin throw, and the 400hs’s Olympic champion Natalya Antyuk.
Previously the minister Vadim Zelichenok announced that there would not have been russian racewalkers in the team, but in the list we find only one name, Aleksandr Yargunkin, who will compete on the 50km race.

400m: Pavel Ivashko
800m: Konstantin Tolokonnikov
Maratona: Aleksey Reunkov
3000 st: Nikolay Chavkin, Ilgizar Safiulin
110hs: Sergey Shubenkov
400hs: Timofey Chalyy, Denis Kudryavtsev, Ivan Shablyuyev
High Jump: Daniil Tsyplakov, Ivan Ukhov
Pole Vault: Ivan Gertleyn, Georgiy Gorokhov, Aleksandr Gripich
Long Jump: Aleksandr Menkov, Sergey Polyanskiy
Triple Jump: Lyukman Adams, Dmitriy Sorokin
Shot Put: Maksim Sidorov, Aleksandr Lesnoy
Hammer Throw: Sergey Litvinov
Javelin Throw: Dmitri Tarabin, Valeriy Iordan
Decathlon: Ilya Shkurenev
50km Racewalk: Aleksandr Yargunkin
4x400m: Pavel Ivashko, Pavel Trenikhin, Artyom Denmukhametov, Denis Alekseyev, Vladimir Krasnov, Denis Kudryavtsev

400m: Yekaterina Renzhina, Kseniya Ryzhova, Kseniya Zadorina
800m: Anastasiya Bazdyreva, Yevgeniya Subbotina
1500m: Ekaterina Sharmina, Anna Shchagina, Tatyana Tomashova
5000m: Gulshat Fazlitdinova, Elena Korobkina
Marathon: Maria Konovalova, Alina Prokopeva
3000 st: Natalya Aristarkhova, Ekaterina Doseykina, Lyudmila Lebedeva
100hs: Ekaterina Galitskaya, Nina Morozova
400hs: Natalya Antyukh, Darya Korableva, Vera Rudakova
High Jump: Anna Chicherova, Maria Kuchina
Pole Vault: Anzhelika Sidorova
Long Jump: Darya Klishina, Yuliya Pidluzhnaya, Elena Sokolova
Triple Jump: Ekaterina Koneva
Discus Throw: Yuliya Maltseva, Elena Panova, Ekaterina Strokova
Javelin Throw: Maria Abakumova, Vira Rebryk
Heptathlon: Lyubov Tkatch
4x100m: Elizaveta Demirova, Anna Egorova, Anna Kukushkina, Marina Panteleyeva, Kseniya Ryzhova, Ekaterina Smirnova, Viktoriya Yarushkina
4x400m: Kseniya Aksyonova, Nadezhda Kotlyarova, Alena Mamina, Mariya Mikhailyuk, Ekaterina Renzhina, Ksenia Zadorina


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