NEWS: Russia paid 170,000€ to Ukraine for the citizenship of Crimean athletes

picture itar tassWe all remember the crisis of 2014 in the Crimean Peninsula, where the majority of the Russian ethnic population, decided to separate the small territory from Ukraine to form an autonomous local government, not yet recognized the exception of Russia, which ushered tanks in the area

A year later, this atmosphere has returned to bite, this time in sports.

The Russian Federation has paid 170,000 Euros to Ukraine, for the change of citizenship of some Crimean athletes that was to be for the yellow-blue team of Ukraine.

Now Vera Rebrik, Rustem Dremdzhi, Aleksey Sokirskiy, Valeriya Mara, Ruslan Perestyuk, Yevgeniy Semenenko e Alena Belyakova will compete under the Russian eagle symbol, in agreement. of course, with the IAAF.

With over 170,000 euros gained, the  Ukraine Federation will try to carry on the project of training its athletes in official competitions. 20% of the amount will be dedicated to theCrimean  athletes still with Ukrainian citizenship.


Foto: Picture alliance ITAR-TASS

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