NEWS: The British Federation asks Mo Farah to leave Alberto Salazar as coach

Mo Farah

The doping scandal about Alberto Salazar, Mo Farah’s Coach and leader of the Nike Oregon Project, haven’t left indifferent the British Federation.

The latest investigations found out that Salazar tried doping’s effects on his son. He wanted to know which testoresone’s dosage altered the anti doping test value.

Mo Farah’s name doesn’t appear on the ARD list, in which are content the names of the athletes who have altered bloods value, and he said he wanted to continue his trainings with the american coach.

The investigations result haven’t reassured the British Federation that now asks Farah to cut off his relationship with Salazar.

In the meanwhile the british have investigated on Salazar’s trainings technique to find if even Mo Farah had made use of doping. Fortunately all the results were negative and the athlete was acquitted. 


Foto Julian Finney/Getty Images

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